IES Cities portraied as an example of public-private partnership in Majadahonda public event

On April 9 Majadahonda City Council participated in the event co-organized by the Federation of Municipalities of Madrid and IESE Business School.

Majadahonda´s Councillor for New Technologies, Cristina Duran Uribarri, explained the actions carried out in the municipality to pave the way to Smart City.

In this event IES Cities was proposed as an example of public-private partnerships. Majadahonda City Council as a member of the Federation of Municipalities of Madrid has also participated in the writing of a Guide “From the municipality to the Smart City” together with Telefónica, Indra and IBM.

Zaragoza Hackaton has three winning Apps

On the 20,21,22 of March our colleagues from Zaragoza City council with the collaboration of University of Deusto organised a three days hackathon event to bring together developers interested in the development of urban apps based on Zaragoza Open Government Data.
A special prize of 500 € granted the best app using IES Cities. View the hackathon website where you may find information about the winning apps. Congratulations to winning apps AdoptaPet, EventerZGZ & RideZGZ.

The two first apps developed within the scope of IES Cities project presented in Zaragoza

Our colleagues from Zaragoza presented the two first apps developed within the scope of IES Cities project. Both apps, named “Zaragoza Maps” and “Your opinion matters” respectively, aim at improving the lives of Zaragoza´s citizens. the first app “Zaragoza Maps” allows citizens to mark on a map any place or site interesting ofr whatever reason. Second app “Your opinion matters” allows citizens to make a complaint about any incident, defect or problem discovered in the streets of the city.

Here are the two presentation video.