Majadahonda (ES)

Majadahonda second experimentation phase is about to start! Here is a video promoting IES Cities in Majadahonda

Majadahonda is a municipality located at 18 km northwest of Madrid, the capital city of Spain with a municipal territory of 38 square kms. It is well connected with Madrid and the surrounding municipalities through a system of roads and highways, highlighting a dedicated bus lane on the highway A6 to Madrid.

In 2011 the population of this residential city was approximately 70.100 inhabitants. It is a population of a high cultural level and socioeconomic status. Currently, approximately 80% of homes have access to the Internet.

The objective of the Majadahonda pilot is to foster the already deployed ICT infrastructure as well as to increase the interest of the population on ICT services, the use of the data provided and the creation of added value services both for the cities and the local businesses.

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