Rovereto (IT)


Rovereto (IT)  is a city and comune in Trentino in northern Italy, located in the Vallagarina valley of the Adige River. Its population reached 37k by 2009. Rovereto is actually a very important touristic centre in its region. The transport system in the city is therefore a strategic key factor which wants, thanks to IES Cities, to be improved in order to offer a higher quality service among the citizens and tourists. This is one of the reasons, as it will be seen, why the services tested in Rovereto will be focused on transport systems.

The city of Rovereto has started a transition from a manufacture industrial productivity system to a knowledge based one through the exploitation of the opportunities provided by the green economy with particular relevance to the valorisation of the ICT technologies. The key elements for the IES-Cities project are:

The main objective of the Rovereto pilot is to deploy at a full-scale the “smart city” concept (through the development, adoption, integration, deployment and validation of advanced ICT solutions), focusing on giving an added value to the mobility and transport systems in Rovereto and its surrounding area

Finally, Rovereto will make use of the data from the city, their users and the platform, currently used in Smart Campus project, called eTerritory. Their services will be mainly focused to the field of mobility and transport for the citizens in the town and the area.